Discover the skill gaps in your organisation

Our Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Group Assessment can assess your HR team's skills and benchmark their capabilities and behaviours against the AHRI Model of Excellence.

The TNA group assessment will assess your team's current skills and capabilities and identify an analytical road map for further development.

Underpinned by AHRI's globally-benchmarked Model of Excellence, your employees will receive a series of questions designed to help you make an informed, strategic decision on the training needs of your team. On completion of the individual self-assessment, your organisation will receive an aggregated group report with insights and a recommended professional development plan.

A group TNA is suitable for mid-to-large organisations and is designed to save valuable time and shape the development of your teams, resulting in greater team and individual capability.

The TNA creates a comprehensive learning and development plan based on current skill sets and provides recommendations that drive organisational strategy.


To find out more about how our group TNA can help your team build your HR team's capability and organisation, please contact us for a quotation (suitable for groups of 20-300 people).