Performance Pack

AHRI's Corporate Training courses cover a huge range of HR, business and leadership topics to drive your team's development needs. In this unique year, AHRI has had special interest in a range of resilience training courses designed to address the issues arising from prolonged pressures of lockdowns, separation from teams and uncertainty.

The Performance Pack brings together four of our most popular corporate training courses aimed at getting teams performing at their best through these difficult times.

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Four courses to improve staff performance

Mental health at work

With many Australians experiencing a mental health issue during their lifetime, it’s important to gain the tools to effectively manage mental health awareness in your organisation. This course focuses on mental health awareness, stress management and effective strategies to manage health and wellness in the workplace.

Building resilience

Building resilience and stress management are a necessity to meet the ongoing challenge of COVID-19, with increasing workloads and all the changes we face globally. Building resilience can protect employee wellbeing and help to create a positive working environment. 

Leading through change

The ability to lead through constant change is a needed skill in today's work environment. This course will give you the ability to constantly lead your projects, teams and workplace with efficiency in mind.

Applied emotional intelligence

Improve your understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence and the impact emotions have on the way you and others think, learn, teach, lead, collaborate and problem solve.



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