AHRI Networks are groups of HR professionals that share your interests and reside in your regional area. Networks are run by AHRI members that volunteer their time and expertise to expand the scope of knowledge in particular HR topics or in your local state.

Each network is led by a convenor whose role is to work closely with AHRI to organise a range of activities including network forums. AHRI Networks are important as they ensure there is a close link between AHRI and practising and active HR professionals across Australia.

The activities of AHRI network forums can vary, and depend on each group's interests. Typically AHRI Networks plan and host events and discussion forums, and contribute to the content of AHRI's state and national conferences.

Become a network convenor  |  Email us about speaking at your local network forum

Upcoming network forums

Upcoming network forums

Student forum events

Student forum events are run in universities around Australia. The topics are generated by students in consultation with each university's Student Ambassador.

To get more information about the Student Ambassador role or provide a topic suggestion, please email studentmember@ahri.com.au