The Art of Best Practice Mentoring Webinar Series


Hosted by Art of Mentoring and Coaching and Mentoring International 

Art of Mentoring has partnered with AHRI to provide AHRI members with access to The Art of Best Practice Mentoring Webinar Series at no cost. AHRI members who register for these webinars can claim the points for their CPD requirements.

This dedicated webinar series brings together an array of guest speakers including mentoring heavy-weight, Professor David Clutterbuck to share their mentoring knowledge and experiences. In our series this year, we will focus on many industry-specific topics to allow for deeper discussion into best practice mentoring in the fields that matter to you most. The webinars will be 45 minutes in duration and will provide for Q&A.

If you are interested in leading-edge mentoring programs that are effective and provide a real return-on-investment, then don't miss this opportunity to learn from local and global experts.

Upcoming webinars

2021 Art of Mentoring Mentor and Mentee of the Year Awards

Hosted by Art of Mentoring 

Date and time: 
  • Tuesday, 7 December 2021 from 12pm - 1pm (AEDT)


  • Melissa Richardson, Managing Director, Art of Mentoring
  • Gina Meibusch, Client Service Delivery Manager, Art of Mentoring

Join us as we celebrate the 2021 Art of Mentoring Mentor and Mentee of the Year Awards. This year we invited thousands of participants to take part in the nomination process. This prestigious event acknowledges and commends the exceptional support provided by mentors and the difference they make to the lives of their mentees. Mentors have the opportunity to nominate a mentee who grabs opportunity with both hands and maximises the fantastic support of the mentor.

In this webinar we will reveal:

  • The 2021 Winners and Finalists, and why they were chosen
  • The characteristics and behaviours that define outstanding mentors and mentees, in the eyes of their partners and what’s the common thread amongst those that stand out from the crowd?
  • Our tips for how you can become the mentor you always wanted, and a mentee that seizes a mentoring opportunity and turns it into gold.

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If I knew then what I know now: Reflections of HR Directors

Hosted by Art of Mentoring 

Date and time: 
  • Wed, 2 February 2022 from 12.30pm - 1.00pm (AEDT)


  • Melissa Richardson
  • Professor David Clutterbuck

The transition to HR Director is often difficult, complex, and sometimes traumatic. The quality of the experience may depend on the understanding that other Board directors have of the HR role and how it can contribute to business success. Professor David Clutterbuck asked HRDs across the globe their views on this question: What do you know now that you would have benefitted from knowing before you became an HRD? 

Their answers covered these topics:
•What it means to be a director and to think like a director
•Breadth of responsibility and knowledge of the business overall
•Roles relating to other directors
•How HR directors add value
•Educating the organisation
•Doing less to achieve more
•Coaching and coaching culture
•Work-life balance

Register for the webinar on 2nd February to find out more, as Art of Mentoring’s Managing Director, Melissa Richardson, explores the research findings with Professor Clutterbuck

Please be aware that with the time difference to Prof David Clutterbuck, the session will be pre-recorded and Melissa Richardson will be answering your questions live.


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