Mastering self-leadership


The development of positive attitudes and healthy behaviour is useful in order to enrich the personal and professional lives of all people. This is even more critical for certain groups and individuals that work in high stress conditions and have responsibilities that impact others.

The Mastering Self-Leadership course will help participants to become self-aware, control self-talk, maintain focus and be authentic. These benefits in turn contribute to both organisational and team effectiveness.

Course delivery mode: Available to teams only. Face-to-face and virtual options.
Course duration: 1 day
Group size: Min. 6 and max. of 20 participants
Learner effort: 7 hours
CPD Points: 7
Includes: Case studies, interactive group discussions, activities and facilitator-led discussions



Key learning outcomes
Following the training you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an increased self-awareness
  • Apply mindfulness techniques to enhance awareness and resilience
  • Apply self-coaching as a strategy to achieve personal potential
  • Control self-dialogue and reduce self-punishment
  • Know the stages of change and identify ways to thrive in times of change
  • Develop a framework for achieving personal potential

Who should enrol
This course is suitable for individuals wanting to improve their leadership skills to become more effective as an internal leader to achieve their personal potential.



"I would highly recommend AHRI to any organisation who is looking for a cost effective and flexible training provider." 

Katie Nash, Capability & Engagement Manager, Brown Family Wine Group

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