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Few things can be more challenging than handling a serious complaint of misconduct, particularly when it is an allegation of sexual discrimination or bullying. This course will provide participants with the practical skills to assess complaints, gather corroborative information and make critical decisions that affect employees.

This course includes case studies to highlight current case law and the latest research on investigation methods, including interviewing techniques and the accessibility of digital information.

Key learning outcomes

Following the training you will be able to:

  • Explain the role of an investigation within your legal and policy framework
  • Recognise when a conflict of interest arises
  • Conduct preliminary interviews with complainants and obtain statements of complaint using the PEACE model of interviewing
  • Identify a range of sources of evidence including digital formats
  • Develop an investigation plan
  • Draft letters of allegation that meet legal requirements
  • Evaluate evidence gathered in an investigation

Who should enrol

This course is aimed at HR professionals with 1-5 years’ experience wanting to expand their knowledge and learn more about investigations best practice.

Corporate in-house training

This course can be customised and delivered in-house, for up to 20 people, for a more cost-effective solution. To find out more, email our Organisation Support Team at or call 1300 239 642

How it works

Course length: 2 days

Effort: 3 hours per day

Format: 100% online, facilitator-led

CPD Points: 7

States: Delivered online, nationally

AHRI Members: $545.00

Non-member: $695.00

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      Delivered online, nationally

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      Investigating workplace misconduct. This course commences on 20 May and concludes on 21 May (9am - 12pm AEST)

    • 9am - 12pm AEST

      Delivered online, nationally

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      Investigating workplace misconduct. This course commences on 8 June and concludes on 9 June (9am - 12pm AEST)

"Vince was a great presenter, his delivery was really interesting and talked about relevant case law and gave really clear examples. I don't think there was a question he couldn't answer in great detail and really clarified each topic well. 
Probably one of the most interesting short courses I have attended and I have walked away with some useful practical skills I can apply in the workplace."

- Isabel Rowley, course participant