Contact officer training


Having contact officers indicates the commitment an organisation has to both preventing discrimination and harassment and taking incidents seriously.

This training will prepare contact officers to effectively perform their role. It will help to understand their role, what defines inappropriate workplace behaviour and how they can manage the issues in an objective way.

During this course you will explore the skills required to be an effective contact officer.  This will include an understanding of your organisation's policies and procedures regarding harassment and conduct and will explore the internal resolution options as well as the relevant legislative framework.

Course delivery mode: Available to teams only. Face-to-face and virtual options.
Course duration: 1 day
Group size: Min. 6 and max. of 20 participants
Learner effort: 3.5 hours
CPD Points: 3.5
Includes: Case studies, interactive group discussions, activities and facilitator-led discussions



Key learning outcomes
Following this course, you will be able to:

  • Define contact officer role and responsibilities
  • Know the relevant internal policies and the resolution options
  • Expand your knowledge of the legislative framework associated with harassment and discrimination
  • Deal with allegations of bullying/harassment or discrimination in an effective way.

Who should enrol
This course is suitable for contact officers who are involved in raising awareness about inappropriate workplace behaviour.



"I would highly recommend AHRI to any organisation who is looking for a cost effective and flexible training provider." 

Katie Nash, Capability & Engagement Manager, Brown Family Wine Group

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