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BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources

Skills First

You may be eligible for a government-subsidised place in a vocational training course. This program is called Skills First (SF) it is accessible for Victorian residents only.

Skills First offers your fees to be subsided at a reduced rate.

Please note to apply for a Skills First place it is a different process to applying online, please follow the below steps and ensure you adhere to the time frames outlined in the program information guide.


To find out more about government subsidised training visit Victorian Education and Training website here.


Please complete the questions below to check your eligibility before contacting AHRI

Question 1. Are you...

  • an Australian citizen; or

  • a holder of a permanent resident visa; or

  • a New Zealand citizen?

YES, go to question 2.

NO, based on your answer you may not be eligible for Victorian government-subsidised training under Skills First. You will need to enrol as a full fee student here.


Question 2. Are you planning to undertake vocational training while you are enrolled in school?

YES, you may eligible for a government-subsidised training under the Skills First if your course is part of a School-Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship. The Government supports schools in other ways to offer vocational training to their students, so you should discuss all your options with your school.

NO, go to question 3.


Question 3. Are you under 20 years of age on 1 January 2018?


Based on your answer, you may be eligible for a government-subsidised place in a vocational training course at any level, other than Foundation Skills courses. You may also be eligible for a government-subsidised place in a Foundation Skills course, unless you are receiving equivalent training elsewhere.

You can enrol in a maximum of two government-subsidised courses in one year (including courses on the approved Foundation Skills List). This maximum doesn’t include pre-apprenticeships for individuals who want to enrol in an apprenticeship. You can undertake up to two government-subsidised courses at one time (including courses on the approved Foundation Skills List).

You can only ever begin a maximum of two government-subsidised courses at the same qualification level. This restriction does not apply to courses on the Foundation Skills List, Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)/Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or to students starting training again in the same qualification (at the same or a different provider). Contact AHRI Program Advisor to find out about the Skills First process.


Eligibility will depend on the highest level of qualification that you hold. To be eligible for AHRI's BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources then you must not have completed a qualification higher than a Certificate III (with the exception of Foundation Skills courses, Senior Secondary certificates, vocational certificates completed as part of your secondary school studies and overseas qualifications where no equivalent AQF qualification has been established). Go to question 4.


Question 4. Do you hold an Australian qualification at the same level (Certificate IV), or higher?

NO, then you may be eligible for a government funded training place. Contact AHRI Program Advisor and start the Skills First eligibility and suitability pre-training review process. 

YES, then you are not eligible and will need to enrol as a full fee student here.



Government initiatives

If you are referred to training under a special initiative, you may not need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for a Victorian government-subsidised place.

Specific initiatives include:

  • Please click on the below links to find out more information on the initiatives and contact us AHRI Program Advisor if any of these apply to you.



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