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Mentoring program


You are welcome to listen to the AHRI Mentoring Program information webinar recording here.

How it works

Step 1: Application

You can choose to apply for one of three mentoring programs: 

HR professionals

New to HR 

HR students 


The HR professional and New to HR mentoring programs will return in 2021. This program is an AHRI member-exclusive, all participants must be AHRI members or take out an AHRI membership to be involved in the program.

Who can apply? |   Become an AHRI member

Mentoring program applications open about three months prior to the start date and close one month prior to the start date. Once matches are made participants are notified of their new mentoring partner via email. 

Registrations for the 2021 program will open in September 2020, to express your interest please register HERE.

Step 2: Matching process

Suitable mentors and mentees are matched in each state; according to their;

  • Location
  • Years of experience
  • Participant's preference of HR areas for mentoring
  • Industry

Whilst every effort is made to match participants based on their preferences, it is not always possible to get everything from the one mentor. The more information you provide on your application the better we will be able to match you.

Once matching is completed matched pairs will be emailed details of their mentoring partner at commencement of the program. Mentees are asked to contact their mentor to kick start the relationship.

We strongly encourage attending your first meeting/ connection, even if you are not sure that your relationship with your mentee/mentor is what you initially wanted. Mentoring is about learning and expanding your professional horizons, so any relationship that can offer perspective, challenge, constructive conversations and inspire betterment could be a successful connection.

Step 3: Induction Webinar

The induction webinar will be conducted prior to the mentoring matches been announced for all participants. The webinar will be role focused for mentees and mentors to understand the program structure and what to expect from each role. 

All participants will have access to the mentoring program resources upon creating their mentee/mentor profile on the AHRI Mentoring Program Portal, ie: 90 minute interactive training video, mentoring agreement template, mentee goals document and the 2021 program handbook and Code of Conduct.

Step 4: Contact between mentoring pairs

For the initial meeting it is the mentee's responsibility to make contact with their mentor within one week of receiving their mentor's contact details; and the mentor is expected to respond within 24 hours of being contacted.

For the duration of the program mentors and mentees are responsible for the ongoing contact with each other and are strongly encouraged to maintain communication to ensure a successful relationship.

The communication format will be determined by the pair and may include email, phone, Skype or face-to-face meetings. We recommend at least one hour of contact per month for the duration of the program. For long distance relationships this may involve Skype sessions, phone and email conversations.

Should any issues arise around contact (or lack thereof) you are advised to contact the mentoring team at


Step 5: Program updates

Regular AHRI communications will be sent to participants via the dedicated AHRI Mentoring Program of upcoming events, webinars and information of interest.

We encourage participant feedback throughout the program.