Mentoring program

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The  registrations for 2020 are now open, program will commence 2 March to 2 September 2020

Please see the below steps to register for the program.


Step 1: Are you eligible?

Check your eligibility to be a mentor or mentee, and choose the mentoring program that best suits your needs and experience

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Step 2: Are you an AHRI member?

The AHRI Mentoring Program is exclusive to AHRI members so please make sure you are an AHRI member before you apply to join the mentoring program.

Not an AHRI member? Call 03 9918 9230 to become a member or find out more online. Please allow adequate time for your membership application to be processed.


Step 3: Register for the program

This is a two step process, please read step 4 before registering;

Mentee Registration

*student program registrations are now closed

Mentor Registration


Step 4: Create your profile on the AHRI Mentoring Portal

Once you have registered in step 3 please expect a follow-up email within 48 hours with a link to complete your mentoring profile on an external site powered by Art of Mentoring.

You will be prompted with questions regarding your interests and preferences for the purpose of finding you a suitable match. 

The mentoring portal is a third party site, all your information is confidential and will solely be used for the purpose of matching.

If you have any enquiries, please email 


Program withdrawal 

If you wish to withdraw from the AHRI Mentoring Program, please email your request and reason for withdrawal to

A full refund is available to mentees that have paid the $150 mentoring fee – you will need to notify AHRI in writing of your withdrawal within 30 days of the mentoring program commencing.

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