Connect with a CPHR (or FCPHR)

Find a trusted HR business partner.

The CPHR post-nominal, and its Fellow counterpart, FCPHR, is your assurance they have the knowledge, skills and professional behaviours required to guide capability and culture in your organisation.

To connect, click on the LinkedIn icon next to the practitioner's name.

Find a CPHR


CPHRs: Ensure you are listed

If you’re an AHRI certified HR practitioner in Australia or overseas, you have access to the Connect with a CPHR online directory designed to encourage consumers to contact their local CPHR for professional services.

Update your AHRI member profile now to ensure you are listed.

To be included in the CPHR directory, you must:

How to ensure you're listed:

  • Login to your member profile
  • Select 'Yes' under the ‘My Certification’ tab consenting to publishing your certification status

Connecting via LinkedIn

To make your LinkedIn profile visible on your listing, use the 'Connect with me' area on your member profile and copy-paste the LinkedIn URL.