Mardi Tero FCPHR

Trainer Profile: Mardi Tero FCPHR

Mardi’s extensive experience combines comprehensive HR consultancy and training services, with particular focus in the areas of human resources, management, work health and safety and administration.  She has over 20+ years’ experience in both private and public sectors in both Executive Management and consultancy capacity.

  • Certification HR Practitioner                                                                
  • Masters of Business Administration                                                 
  • Graduate Diploma of Business                                            
  • Diploma of Management                                     
  • Diploma of WHS                                                       
  • Bachelor of Special Education                             
  • Certificate IV TAE
HR interests
  • Strategic HR
  • Business capability
  • Change Management
  • WHS  / Mental Health in the workplace
What are some of the current challenges facing the HR industry?

The real need for HR professionals to immerse themselves in the business, as well as the rapid pace of change.

Why did you decide to get certified?

To demonstrate the critical link between business and HR and how this partnership can build business capabilities.    The APC program is an excellent opportunity to be immersed in contemporary and valid learning which in turn enhances my abilities as both a HR consultant and trainer.

How has your certification impacted one or more of your students?

One of my students was working on a workforce planning and development program for a large fast food chain.  I was able to guide them through the process of delivering their project to the key stakeholder in a way in which they felt largely in control of the process, whilst being able to achieve the high goals which had been set for them.  Since implementation of this program in their business, they have now achieved the lowest turnover of staff around Australia at the particular level in the business. 

What advice would you offer to an up-and-coming HR professional?

Never stop learning.   Times change, businesses change, HR changes.    Get busy learning about yourself and leverage off your strengths (pick the low hanging fruit to get the wins), gain credibility by being IN the business and be a business leader as well as people leader.  Be sure you understand the business so you can truly be remarkable in HR.

And finally, love what you do!