Mardi Tero FCPHR

Mardi Tero FCPHR

Mardi’s extensive experience combines comprehensive HR consultancy and training services, with particular focus in the areas of human resources, management, work health and safety and administration.  She has over 20+ years’ experience in both private and public sectors in both Executive Management and consultancy capacity.

What can an aspiring HR professional gain from doing this program??

Hands on, practical approach to learning with plenty of real examples. Given the range of industries I have been involved in, I offer relatable material in a way which resonates with learners. This program is great at covering the generalist aspects of HR well.

As a professional, share a bit about your expertise and experience that you bring to facilitating this program

My hands-on experience has proven to be invaluable to students who have been able to learn from 20+ years of real-life experience (and not just rely on theory or academic perspectives). I am also involved in mentoring programs, serving as a mentor to a range of Management and Human Resources professionals, on Boards and key note speaking. I am passionate about my students and sharing their learning experience.

What advice would you offer to someone considering a career in HR?

Never stop learning. Times change, businesses change, HR changes. Get busy learning about yourself and leverage off your strengths (pick the low hanging fruit to get the wins), gain credibility by being IN the business and be a business leader as well as people leader. Be sure you understand the business so you can truly be remarkable in HR. And finally, love what you do!