Anne Kable

Anne Kable

Anne has worked in the training and organisational development sector since 1991, specialising in delivering learning and development strategies in the areas of customer service, coaching, human resource management, communications, leadership and personal development, workplace training and assessment, change management, resilience and wellbeing.

She has built a reputation as a successful training provider, learning and development consultant and professional coach, in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

What can an aspiring HR professional gain from doing this program??
  • A foundation in current strategic HR theory, requirements and practice
  • Practical application of your learning through completion of work-based assessment tasks
  • The confidence and practical skills to influence HR practice in your organisation
  • Guidance, support, feedback and encouragement from your facilitator and peers
  • Opportunities to build professional HR networks with other HR practitioners
As a professional, share a bit about your expertise and experience that you bring to facilitating this program

Throughout my career, the ongoing success of my small business has required hard work and the development of my own leadership and management skills, including:

  • demonstrating passion, drive, integrity and professionalism
  • being able to engage with, develop and maintain relationships with a variety of people and groups
  • delivering learning and development solutions, based on an understanding of the needs of individuals and organisations
  • a sense of humour and fun!
What advice would you offer to someone considering a career in HR?

Go for it! Effective HR services are key to successful businesses and a crucial, strategic support structure for the organisation, management and all employees.

A career in HR offers:

  • the chance to make a difference in people‚Äôs lives and effectively facilitate the relationship between managers and employees
  • opportunities to influence and contribute strategically to policy, process and practice
  • transferable skills, career development and specialisation opportunities