Aileen Tan

Aileen Tan

Aileen is an award winning Facilitator, international Management Consultant, Coach and Strategist in Human Resources Management and People Development. She is the winner of the AIMQldNT Facilitator of the Year 2012 award, and has consulted to multinational companies in Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Hong Kong, China, Philippines and Indonesia.

What can an aspiring HR professional gain from doing this program??

In the process of gaining your formal qualification, you will validate, formalise and re-evaluate your experience as a HR Practitioner. You will learn from and exchange opinions with other practitioners,  gain insights on how to design and implement workplace initiatives to attract, develop and retain talent. 

As a professional, share a bit about your expertise and experience that you bring to facilitating this program

I have years of experience in senior HR Management roles with international experience spanning from Singapore,  Australia,  Fiji, Indonesia and China. Backed by my experience as an international management consultant and executive coach, I work with clients to identify their strategic needs, assist them to develop and implement strategies that will help to achieve their corporate goals and to enhance performance. 

I understand the need to plan, but more importantly, the need to implement strategies. I am especially effective in working with clients in designing and implementing strategies that enhance their human resources capability.  This action-oriented approach is adapted in my role as a workshop facilitator to ensure there is a sound balance of theory and application for the learners. 

What advice would you offer to someone considering a career in HR?

HRM is pivotal in attracting, developing and retaining talent for an organisation and therefore developing your capability and honing competencies as a HR practitioner will position you well to contribute to strategic goals and direction of your business, and to implement cultural change in your role as a trusted advisor and business partner.