Getting your course accredited

Getting your course accredited by AHRI

As the professional association for HR, AHRI is tasked with ensuring HR professionals and people managers have the essential prerequisite skills and knowledge required to work in the HR profession.

While AHRI offers two HR qualification courses – our nationally accredited BSB40420 Certificate IV in Human Resources Management, and the AHRI Practising Certification program – course accreditation is the process whereby AHRI reviews, and where appropriate, recognises other VET, undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Australian education institutions.

Through the accreditation process, AHRI brings research and industry knowledge to HR curriculum development to ensure alignment to essential HR skills and knowledge. AHRI delegates this responsibility to a National Accreditation Committee (NAC) which has the task of assessing the curriculum content of HR courses for accreditation by AHRI.

The focus for assessment of academic courses is underpinned by two key criteria:

  • The institution implements internal quality assurance processes for planning courses, seeking and demonstrating stakeholder input, monitoring outcomes, evaluating feedback, implementing changes and seeking continuous improvement
  • The academic course will equip a graduate to meet the desired accredited HR course outcomes
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