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Accredited Courses

AHRI accepts applications from tertiary and VET organisations to review and accredit HR courses of study. This accreditation is based upon the AHRI Model of Excellence (MoE) capabilities and the extent to which the course reflects these competencies. Applications are reviewed by an independent committee, the National Accreditation Committee.

AHRI Course Accreditation is where AHRI’s National Accreditation Committee reviews and accredits HR qualifications offered by tertiary or VET institutions via application submission within a nominated time.

AHRI Certification is where an HR Practitioner or HR Academic can enrol or apply for AHRI Certification through one of four (4) pathways. Eligibility for each of the pathways is dependent on individual experience, skills and capability. All completed application outcomes will be decided by AHRI’s National Certification Council.

AHRI is working with university partners who offer AHRI accredited postgraduate qualifications so that APC graduates can broaden their knowledge base and strategic skills by continuing their study into HR postgraduate qualifications. AHRI is also securing pathways for APC graduates to earn credits towards non-HR streamed MBAs with selected university partners. This offers APC graduates opportunities to acquire skills beyond HR by pursuing business degree MBAs. Currently we have secured articulation arrangements for APC graduates with selected universities for the following programs found here.

The National Accreditation Committee (NAC) reviews applications for course accreditation from tertiary and vocational education providers and provides commentary on the Australian education environment. Through the course accreditation process, AHRI seeks to influence ongoing Human Resources curriculum development. Any academic institution may apply to the Institute for accreditation of their academic programs. The NAC is designed to represent the various stakeholder groups including academia, industry and sector representatives, and AHRI state councils.

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The Model of Excellence is a graphic representation that combines what HR practitioners should know, what they are expected to do, and what their peers expect them to be in terms of behaviours and capabilities. Read more here.

Through the accreditation process, AHRI brings research and industry knowledge to human resources curriculum development to ensure alignment to essential HR skills and knowledge. AHRI delegates this responsibility to a National Accreditation Committee (NAC) which has the task of assessing the curriculum content of HR courses for accreditation by AHRI.

Designed primarily for students studying a bachelor-level university qualification, this membership level allows full-time and part-time students studying HR to access AHRI member resources to support their studies and get a foot in the door with our professional networking opportunities. This membership grade is designed for students who’ve not yet entered the workforce and is therefore not suitable for people who have prior HR experience or are currently working in HR.

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AHRI accredits HR Qualifications in both public and private institutions:

  • Public and Private Tertiary courses both undergraduate and postgraduate.
  • Public and Private VET/TAFE courses in Certificate IV, Diploma and Advance Diploma.

All education institutions teaching HR qualification that are registered with TESQA or ASQA.

Please refer to this link our AHRI accredited course taught overseas policy.


Accreditation Submissions

No. Each course must be applied on separate applications.

The course will be deemed as lapsed and will need to be resubmitted for accreditation the following year. The AHRI National Accreditation Committee assess the applications annually.

Yes. Accreditation applications are required every three years to be considered as accredited.

AHRI National Accreditation Committee finds that further evidence is required to fully assess if the course is suitable for accreditation. In the case of an applicant that is required to provide further evidence, AHRI will provide feedback indicating the gaps in information provided, and a date by which this must be provided to the NAC for reconsideration.


AHRI National Accreditation Committee finds that the application by an institution is premature and that further in-depth consideration must be given by the institution prior to a future application. In the case of an application being premature, AHRI will provide feedback indicating the gaps in information provided and guidance regarding the resubmission of an application the following year.


A major change to a course is one which affects, or potentially affects, compliance with any of the accreditation criteria against the AHRI Model of Excellence to which all programs are assessed.

AHRI regards the following as examples of major changes (but not limited to):

  • The design of a program affecting learning opportunities and/or the achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Substantial changes in the expected learning outcomes for graduates.
  • Significant changes to student assessment.
  • Significant change to the course quality monitoring arrangement and graduate outcomes of programs.

In the case of a minor change, AHRI will require a cover letter sent to [email protected]

AHRI regards the following as examples of minor changes (but not limited to):

  • A change in course name, providing no course content has changed
  • A change in contact staff responsible for course accreditation
  • URL link to the accredited course
  • Change of delivery mode

All AHRI accredited education providers are entitled to one AHRI Student Award per accredited program. Key elements of AHRI’s Student Award Policy are as follows:

  • A maximum of one Student Award per accredited program per annum
    • Accredited providers will determine their individual course awards (for example Student of the Year) and the criteria for each award
  • Accredited providers are to:
    • notify AHRI in writing a minimum four weeks before any prize is to be awarded
    • provide details of the accredited course, the name of the prize (e.g. Student of the Year) and the recipient’s name
    • details are to be provided to the AHRI Student Engagement Coordinator, HR Standards and Practice.
  • All prizes will be comprised of either:
    1. a one-year Graduate AHRI Membership if eligible or if still studying; OR
    2. a one-year Student AHRI Membership

AND a 12-month subscription to HR Monthly, an AHRI certificate and a congratulations letter from AHRI.

Should you have any specific questions about the AHRI Student Awards policy please contact [email protected]

Please refer to this link on AHRI course accreditation extension policy


Accreditation application fees (incl. 10% GST). *Pricing is based per course

  • Tertiary: $960.00
  • VET/TAFE: $600.00

Instruction on where to download these documents is outlined on this webpage.

Application submissions will open approximately 2-3 months to complete. New dates will posted at the end of the year on the AHRI Course Accreditation webpage.