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What Graduates of the program had to say

Amanda Shand

CEO, Navorina

Amanda Shand chose to study the Certificate IV at a time when her company was being restructured and didn’t have an HR department. Wanting to get the best HR education, Amanda asked peers for suggestions, and AHRI came highly recommended.

Amanda wanted to separate the theory from practical side for her organisation, and the Cert IV program enabled her to do so. Another highlight was the opportunity to meet and network with peers from other organisations, where she was able to learn and share different ideas in the area of Human Resources.

Despite being located in rural NSW, Amanda’s organisation saw the value in the program and chose to travel all the way to Victoria to do the program at the AHRI Melbourne campus.

Debbie Barnard

Corporate Operations Manager, Outlook

Debbie wanted to put HR in a framework. In her current role, she had recently taken on HR, which had been a process of osmosis. Being the Corporate Operations Manager in her company with a background in Learning and Development, people assumed Debbie would know about HR and would come to her with lots of questions. Debbie took up the Certificate IV so she could formalise her current knowledge of HR and encompass that across-the-board understanding.

Debbie benefited from doing the program and one of her key takeaways was a to-do list. At the end of each course, she was able to take back a list of things to do and improve on in her organisation. This applicability has allowed Debbie and her organisation to stay on track and implement several robust processes, which in turn has allowed Outlook to have a good HR offering in place.

More Case Studies

Laura McManus

HR Admin, Mitchell Services

“The face-to-face workshops were the main reason I chose to study with AHRI,” says Laura – most RTOs only offered an online-course. Following a suggestion from her manager that she enrol in the Certificate IV, Laura has since gained a much greater knowledge of HR and what is expected of an HR professional.

“Since completing (the program), I have found my confidence has improved in my current role and I have been working on HR projects and higher-level work.” Laura now has the “confidence and skillset to work on higher-level projects.”

Andrew Tyson

Assistant Director, People Strategies and Inclusion, Australian Bureau of Statistics

For Andrew, finishing the Certificate IV program was a double-win. “My baby boy, Jack, was born as I was nearing completion of the course,” says Andrew, who had worked in a number of different roles and large-scale operations, “thankfully the course had refreshed my time management skills to cope with the new challenges associated with parenthood!”

Professionally, he has now had the opportunity to provide input into impending organisational strategic workforce planning, along with managing a work program to monitor employee engagement. He is now “heavily involved in the people and culture elements of our organisation.”

Emily Gousmett

Office Experience Manager, Cheetah Digital

Before Emily graduated from the Certificate IV, she had started in a new role that involved a lot of executive assistant and office admin roles, with a touch of HR. Now, since graduating, her role had become 90% about HR, and she now helps with workshops in Singapore and Malaysia for work. “I may not have got my job if I hadn’t just done the course.

“It wasn’t so much about the level of qualification, it was more the fact that I was showed it was something I was really passionate about getting into.” Emily now has the ability to take it to the “next level of working with leadership and make more of an impact in the culture.”

Louise Horszowski

HR Business Partner, Paxus

Louise wanted to boost her confidence and reaffirm her skills, so studying the Certificate IV at AHRI was important because it was supported by an industry body. “I was looking for something that wasn’t as intensive as university-level but still had a practical hands-on approach, which I felt AHRI offered.” She realised that she knew more than she though, and that her natural or gut instinct when it came to certain scenarios was correct: it gave her the confidence she needed to gain a promotion and a salary increase in her role.

“I have always enjoyed working with people,” Louise says, “I enjoy assisting individuals to reach their full potential… the value you add may not always be instant and it is more gradual.” She is now also finding she is getting involved in more strategic business initiatives.

Renee Allchurch

The Darwin Festival Limited

Renee didn’t choose HR – it chose her. “Ensuring staff are working at their maximum potential is important – if we have a fulfilled workforce, this will spread to their friends and family.” She wanted extra skills for her job, so enrolling in AHRI’s Certificate IV gave her a better understanding of the issues that affect staff in the current workplace.

Not only did the program help give her confidence to do this, but doing it with AHRI meant she was backed by an excellent reputation and ease-of-access to course material.

Millie Hogben

HR Business Partner, Dialog Group

Since completing the Certificate IV, Millie feels she has “stepped up my game and taken my career in HR to the next level. I am now an HR Business Partner and have helped drive significant growth in my organisation.” Having completed the program, Millie feels more confident in her own capabilities, has an expanded understanding of a range of HR areas, and broadened her horizons in HR in general.

“For me, HR was a career I had briefly considered during high school… I always knew that I wanted to work ‘in the thick of things’ and saw for myself that HR was the place to be.” She chose AHRI to study with because “AHRI is a world-class industry association with access to an immense body of knowledge. The team is extremely supportive (and) genuinely want to help you succeed in your HR career.”

More Testimonials:

“What I wanted to get out of this course was the knowledge to be able to back my career. I wanted to be able to tell people the right thing and know that I was telling them the right stuff. AHRI offered me the flexibility to be able to be a mum, to be an EA as well as a student. And to further my career in a way I want. I’m the one who gets to decide where my future goes.”

Jenny Dimmick, Executive Assistant, MULTIVAC Australia

“In my role, I deal with a lot of people underneath me … the program has really helped me study different aspects that I need to know in order to performance-manage people as well as deal with issues around human resources.”

Katie Dax, BSB41015 Certificate IV in Human Resources Winter Workshop 2017

“As a payroll officer, part of my role includes a lot of HR functions, such as doing appointment letters and retention stuff. I wanted to get an educational background to what I was doing so I have more confidence around it. AHRI appealed to me because the course was flexible. The workshops are really great because I am from the country, and it just means you get opportunity to talk to other people and get their ideas that you can then take to your workplace.”

Roslyn Bovalino, Payroll Officer, Notre Dame College


This is a nationally-accredited vocational program recognised throughout Australia. (RTO provider number: 110087)