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Work Experience Placement Program For Organisations

AHRI has been working with Universities since 2015 to support Work Integrated Learning for student in HR related courses.

The AHRI student member Work Experience Placement Program (WEPP) has been a positive program that brings together our student members, universities and member employers.

While this program has been well received, it can only be offered to a small cohort of our student members and AHRI recognises that supporting WIL can be better achieved by working more closely with the universities rather than offering our own program.

THE AHRI WEPP program has commenced its final intake and will not be offered in 2019.

Many thanks to past and current participants and host organisations for taking part in the program.

Applications have closed

Applications for Intake 1 of the 2019 AHRi Work Experience Placement Program will open 3rd December 2018

AHRI Organisation members are invited to participate in hosting an up and coming HR superstar in the 2019 AHRI Work Experience Placement Program (WEPP). Following on from the successful ‘Get Your Big Break’ competition in 2015, this program has emerged to meet the needs of AHRI Students and Graduates in kick starting their HR career.

If you are not currently an Organisation Member or unsure of your Membership type, please email your details to

If you're a HR student wanting to secure a work experience placement please see the Student Membership page.

Read more about the benefits of the program or download the handbook.


Submit details about your organisation and the type of candidate you are looking for by clicking on the link below. If you have questions about the process or the program, feel free to email and we will be happy to help.



Following on from the extremely successful first and second intakes, the AHRI Work Experience Placement Program has gained a strong reputation as a facilitator of new ideas and connections. The opportunity to host a student is an exclusive organisation member benefit, giving you the chance to contribute to the HR profession and influence it's future. In turn, AHRI will ensure you are matched with a passionate candidate who will bring enthusiasm and value to your organisation.

Intake 1 2019

WEPP Intake 1 2019 Open

3rd December 2018

WEPP Intake 1 2019 Close

21st December 2018

Matching Period 

7th-11th January 2019

Organisation Invitation Period

14th January- 1st February 2019

Placement Period

4th February- 23rd February 2019


Offering a placement for an AHRI student member will allow you to connect with a pool of potential talent for the future. Not only will the student benefit from your knowledge and experience, they may bring with them some cutting-edge HR ideas from their current studies. Other benefits include qualifying for CPD hours to any AHRI members on your staff involved in the student's placement for their contribution to the HR profession.


The commitment requested from participating hosts is for a work experience placement which will allow AHRI student members to grow, learn and put what they have learned in the classroom into practice. Placement will be a minimum of 1 week full time but no longer than 3 weeks full time and will be negotiated between the successful candidate and the placement host.

A handbook and information guide will be provided to all participating organisations to ensure that the experience is positive for both the candidate and hosts and you are welcome to discuss any issues or questions with the AHRI Member Services team.


Please refer to the above table for specific dates. Participants are asked to be flexible in fitting in with the needs of your organisation, however all placements must take place in this period.

In order to match your organisation with a suitable candidate, applying candidates will provide a cover letter, self-assessment, short CV, educational achievements to date, what they can bring to the work place and their career goals so you will have a good understanding their abilities right from the beginning.

All hosts will be supplied a short list of suitable candidates and are able to select participants from this list or can opt to conduct telephone or face-to-face interviews to confirm selection.


How long are the placements?
Placements must be a minimum of one week (5 business days) but not more than three weeks (15 business days) full time. Hosts are welcome to offer more than one student a placement opportunity.

Is it expected to be on a full or part time basis?
It is anticipated that the majority of placements will be undertaken full time during the university breaks, but there is flexibility for a suitable arrangement to be negotiated between the host and student; e.g: 1 day per week over 5 weeks.

Are there any expectations on the types of work?
The fundamental aim of the program is to give students a look at life working as a HR professional. The feedback from our pilot program participants clearly identified that students relished the opportunity to experience as much as possible; some shadowed one primary HR staff member in all of their duties for a week, others did each day with different staff members. We hope whichever model a host chooses, the student gains a broad overview of the HR functions in your organisation.

Note: The majority of participants in the program have not yet finished their HR qualifications so AHRI expects any work undertaken to be reviewed by staff. AHRI appreciates that there may be limitations on the student’s ability to work independently, given their lack of prior workplace experience. While it is expected the student’s presence will be beneficial to the host, AHRI also hopes that the student will be provided with work that is stimulating and fosters their learning. The student should be engaged in activities which assist the organisation, but which also provide the student with an opportunity to put theory into practice by learning as much as they can from your HR professionals.

What are the remuneration requirements?
This program is entirely voluntary and unpaid - there is no payment involved for hosts. Hosts will be asked to provide feedback on the student and the program via an end of intake evaluation. Hosts may, at their discretion, offer the student a written reference.

Are there any additional costs involved?
To ensure AHRI Student members are placed in organisations which value exceptional HR, participation as a Host is limited to AHRI Organisation members. In order to be a host, your organisation must hold a current organisation membership at the time of application and placement.

Email should you wish to join or check your current status.

What level of supervision is expected?
Students placed in an organisation will report to the Host’s primary contact and it is expected that the hosts work alongside or directly supervise the candidate for the majority of the placement. AHRI asks that students receive your organisation’s standard induction/OHS briefing, as if they were new employees. The level of supervision required may vary for each student placed. 

What is required to become a host employer? What is the process?
Hosts are asked to register for the program and complete the opportunity listing process. This will provide AHRI with sufficient details to provide you with an appropriately matched student. It is important that hosts provide a second contact person from the organisation for expediency and to act as your organisation’s representative in the eventuality that the primary contact is unavailable when matching commences or placements begins.

Who covers insurance?
Students are required to confirm with their university that their insurance will be covered by the university’s current provider for internships and placements. AHRI recommends hosts ask their candidates to provide proof of coverage. Whilst the majority of universities are able to offer this arrangement, some universities are unable to provide insurance for placements not linked to an academic requirement. This will be clearly identified on the candidate's CV and if you choose to take on a student whose insurance is not covered, you will need to provide it yourself.

AHRI does not provide any kind of insurance.


The WEPP will be run three times a year in 2018. If you are unable to provide a placement for the current intake but would like to be involved later in the year, please send an expression of interest for the next intake to

Not sure if you are an AHRI Organisation member? Please email or if you would like to establish a new organisation membership see here.


Professional members receive free professional indemnity insurance as part of their membership.

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