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Mutual recognition of professional membership

In August 2013, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (United Kingdom) and the Australian Human Resources Institute signed an agreement enabling mutual recognition for individuals holding corresponding professional grades of membership in either body.

The agreement follows a mapping of the two sets of professional standards and membership criteria, ensuring that the equivalent membership grades are matched.

  • An Associate CIPD (Assoc CIPD) is fully equivalent to a Professional Member (MAHRI) of AHRI. *Note: AHRI members at MAHRI, CAHRI or FAHRI level can apply for Associate CIPD membership. To apply for Chartered CIPD membership you must have completed a certification pathway and be at CPHR or FCPHR level.
  • A Chartered Member of CIPD (Chartered MCIPD) is fully equivalent to a Certified Practitioner Human Resources (CPHR) of AHRI
  • A Chartered Fellow of CIPD (Chartered FCIPD) is fully equivalent to a Fellow Certified Practitioner Human Resources (FCPHR) of AHRI

As part of the application process, members will need to provide proof of their current Association membership and a current curriculum vitae. Once approved, membership will be awarded the equivalent membership grade of the other body, with the right to use the appropriate post-nominal letters of both Associations.

CIPD members wishing to join AHRI will have full access to all Professional Member Benefits.

Want to hear from someone who has taken up the reciprocal membership? Read the article.

For further information please refer to the AHRI Membership FAQ.

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Apply now


Click HERE to download a membership application form

Please email the following documents to

  1. Proof of currency of your CIPD membership and membership level ( a copy of your membership card is perfect as this shows both your membership grade and your renewal date)
  2. Current Curriculum Vitae
  3. Completed membership application form

A member of our team will be in touch within 10 working days to finalise the application.

The cost is $231 (including GST) per year for applicants within Australia.The cost is $210 for applicants outside of Australia (GST is not applicable). Fees are payable to both associations. The aforementioned fee is for your AHRI membership.  

This special rate is only valid while you maintain your current financial membership with CIPD.

Past or lapsed CIPD members will need to renew their CIPD membership to apply for membership with AHRI under the terms of this agreement. If you are not currently a financial CIPD member you may still apply for membership with AHRI by completing one of our online forms, but please note that the full, applicable fee will be payable.

Members of the CIPD who wish to join AHRI may be asked to provide evidence of an appropriate CIPD qualification or experience assessment in addition to evidence of their membership level and CV.

CIPD members wanting more information regarding the new agreement please contact +61 (0)3 9918 9230 or

Information for AHRI members wishing to join CIPD

AHRI members wishing to secure professional recognition from the CIPD under the new agreement should contact +44 (0)20 8612 6208 or for more information about the application process and cost.

You will need to have a current and financial membership with AHRI in order to join the CIPD under the terms of the agreement.

IMPORTANT NOTES: a new version of the agreement was signed in December 2015. Under the terms of this agreement members who wish to upgrade their membership to a higher level need to do this through their "home institute", which is the institute the member first joined with.

AHRI members who wish to join the CIPD at the Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow levels must have been formally certified by AHRI in order for their membership levels to be recognised by the CIPD. Formal Certification in this instance refers to successful completion of either the AHRI Practising Certification Program or the AHRI Senior Leaders pathway for certification and the subsequent award of Certified Practitioner status by the National Certification Council.


Professional members receive free professional indemnity insurance as part of their membership.

Did you know...

That AHRI represents around 20,000 HR professionals from Australia and around the globe?

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