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National Certification Council

The National Certification Council (NCC) oversees the HR standards, administration and decision-making that supports the credentialing of eligible candidates seeking HR certification.

Besides selecting suitable candidates to become Certified Practitioners, the NCC is also responsible for reviewing HR standards and hearing appeals, including overseeing the mechanisms available to members in routine assessments and CPD audits.

A key responsibility of the NCC is to preserve the standards, that give employers the confidence to employ certified HR professionals and know that they are sourcing appropriately credentialed HR business partners who have a high degree of HR expertise and proven capabilities.

When candidates successfully complete the four units of the AHRI Practising Certification Program (APC), they will be eligible, at the discretion of the NCC, to be awarded HR certification and to use a Certified Practitioner post-nominal.

The post-nominal signifies that they have:

  • Achieved a cognitive mastery of globally benchmarked HR knowledge and skills;
  • Demonstrated the capacity to apply knowledge and skill in the workplace; and
  • Made a commitment to continuing professional development (CPD).

The NCC consists of experts from the public service and industry, and academics from Australia and overseas. View NCC member profiles.


We're minded to look at initiatives to lift HR managers onto that strategic planning role … but also we've got to equip HR with the capability.

John Lloyd, Public Services Commissioner

Setting the HR standard

setting the bar for the profession


Certification professionalises HR by providing a solid foundation and developmental path to follow. Organisations start to look for it.

Georgia Siabanis FCPHR, HR Director, The Turning Lane

Deloitte’s HR team reveal how they make work meaningful

The HR team at Deloitte Australia believes work should be purposeful. As individuals, that means setting the standard for their profession.

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