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Pathway 3: CIPD reciprocity


This pathway is available to HR practitioners or HR academics who have achieved the equivalent of Certified Practitioner status by attaining the Chartered MCIPD, Chartered FCIPD, Academic MCIPD or Academic FCIPD categories from CIPD in the United Kingdom.

In August 2013, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (United Kingdom) and the Australian HR Institute signed an agreement enabling mutual recognition for individuals holding corresponding professional grades of membership in either body.

Chartered Member of the CIPD (Chartered MCIPD, Chartered FCIPD, Academic MCIPD or Academic FCIPD) is equivalent to an AHRI member who has successfully undertaken one of the HR certification pathways towards becoming an AHRI Certified HR Practitioner or Certified HR Academic.

"Pursuing certified practitioner status is evidence that we don't just pretend to be HR professionals, we genuinely are. It's about closing the gap between rhetoric and realism, being responsible for upholding and contributing to a standard of excellence that distinguishes us.

Rose Clements FCPHR, 2012 Dave Ulrich HR Leader of the Year.

"HR certification is definitely a progressive step forward for HR in Australia, to have a strong development path to follow and a foundation of best practice, as in other professions."

Clare Johnson, Associate Director, Michael Page


Members of the CIPD that are taking advantage of the reciprocal membership arrangement and have first achieved

  • Chartered MCIPD, or
  • Chartered FCIPD, or
  • Academic MCIPD or
  • Academic FCIPD

with the CIPD, will be automatically recognised at the equivalent of the new Certified Practitioner or Certified Academic levels.

Please note: all upgrades applications need to occur with the home institute. AHRI may request evidence of a completed CIPD qualification or experience assessment in addition to your CV and evidence of your CIPD membership.


Current Chartered CIPD members wishing to apply for an AHRI membership under the terms of the reciprocity agreement will need to provide AHRI with three items:

  1. Proof of currency of your CIPD membership and membership level (a copy of your membership card is ideal as this shows both your membership level and renewal date);
  2. Current CV; and
  3. Completed Membership Application Form. Download the form here.

The cost is $231 (including GST) per year for applicants within Australia. The cost is $210 per year for applicants outside of Australia (GST is not applicable). This special rate is only valid while you maintain your current financial membership with CIPD.

Past or lapsed CIPD members will need to renew their CIPD membership to apply for membership with AHRI under the terms of this agreement. If you are not currently a financial CIPD member you may still apply for membership with AHRI by completing an online form. Please note that in this case, the full applicable fee will be payable.


If you would like to speak to AHRI about the reciprocal agreement between AHRI and CIPD, please contact the AHRI member career support team via or 03 9918 9230.


If the CIPD Pathway towards HR certification isn’t the right pathway for you, please use the HR Certification Pathfinder to receive an instant online recommendation on the most suitable pathway for you. Other pathways you might be eligible for are:

Pathway 1:  Pathway towards HR certification by undertaking the APC Program

The APC Program is a four-unit study program equivalent to an AQF level 8 postgraduate program. This program is ideal for experienced HR professionals or people managers with a minimum five years' HR experience. Skills recognition is offered through RPL or Credit Transfer. Find out more about Pathway 1.

Pathway 2: Senior pathway towards HR certification

Via this pathway, senior practitioners submit a case study and undertake an intensive interview by the NCC sub-committee. Find out more about Pathway 2.

Pathway 4: Academic pathway 

This pathway offers an opportunity for academics and senior academics to become a Certified Academic HR, considering a portfolio of evidence demonstrating contribution to the body of HR knowledge and/or excellence in HR teaching practice. Find out more about Pathway 4.


We're minded to look at initiatives to lift HR managers onto that strategic planning role … but also we've got to equip HR with the capability.

John Lloyd, Public Services Commissioner

Setting the HR standard

setting the bar for the profession


Certification professionalises HR by providing a solid foundation and developmental path to follow. Organisations start to look for it.

Georgia Siabanis FCPHR, HR Director, The Turning Lane

Deloitte’s HR team reveal how they make work meaningful

The HR team at Deloitte Australia believes work should be purposeful. As individuals, that means setting the standard for their profession.

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