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HR Certification Pathfinder

AHRI offers three different pathways towards becoming a certified HR practitioner. Eligibility for each of the pathways is determined by your level of experience, responsibilities and capability. Answering the below eight questions can help you assess which pathway is most relevant to your personal situation. A recommendation will be shared immediately when submitting your answers.

Please note: If you have a current and financial membership of the CIPD (MCIPD or FCIPD) you can apply for certification via Pathway 3. For more information about the reciprocal agreement between AHRI and CIPD, please contact the AHRI membership team via or 03 9918 9230.

Are you an AHRI member ? *
Your position *
If you selected 'Academic' in the Your Position question, please indicate your title *
Your scope of responsibility and influence *
Your direct and indirect reports *
Type of organisation *
Influence on organisational culture *
Your length and depth of experience *
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By completing the pathfinder you allow AHRI to collect your personal details to update you on developments around HR certification in Australia and other AHRI news. For more information, or to not receive these email notifications, please refer to AHRI’s privacy policy.


Santos supports certification because it will help in forging career pathways and developing confidence, capability and credibility for the Santos HR gene pool.

Chris Wood FCPHR, Manager HR, Santos


As you progress through your career it becomes more important to ensure the future of the profession. The certification program does that for the HR profession. That's why I took the decision to complete the Senior Leaders Pathways.

Rob Phipps FCPHR, Chief People Officer, KFC


AHRI, in partnership with senior members of the HR profession, need to champion certification as a means to recognise the quality of the professionals in the field and to continue to lift the contribution of the HR profession in enabling business success.

Grant Kerswell FAHRI, HR Director, Broadspectrum

AHRI Assist