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Continuing Professional Development

As a professional member of the Australian HR Institute you have made a commitment to modelling excellence in the workplace.

A key element of maintaining professional standards is continuing professional development (CPD), which ensures that your professional skills and knowledge are current. Your commitment to CPD means that you will routinely reflect on learning and review your current knowledge. Continuously developing your skills and knowledge and applying this to your workplace will benefit your organisation and enhance your individual career opportunities.

CPD Requirements for Certified HR Practitioners and Professional Members

AHRI Certified Practitioners (CPHR and FCPHR) and professional members (Graduate, MAHRI and FAHRI) must complete the required minimum hours of CPD every three years to maintain their  certification status or professional membership.

In support of your CPD, AHRI provides a wide variety of formal and informal activities and services to help you to maintain currency. The CPD recording tool (accessed via your member profile) automatically records activities you have completed through AHRI. You will need to enter non-AHRI professional development activities as you complete them to make sure you have an accurate record of all of your CPD.

Download the CPD guide

Download CPD Guide

CPD Audits and providing evidence of your completed CPD

A random sample of AHRI professional and all Certified Practitioners will be audited annually for CPD.

In some cases AHRI will request evidence of your CPD activities. When asked to supply evidence of CPD, members will be required to supply records for the past three years. There is considerable flexibility with respect to sources of evidence for CPD. Evidence can include copies of formal qualifications, attendance statements, copies of articles written, presentations given, or payment receipts from conferences. The source must be objective and serviceable.

We encourage you to keep your own file at home with evidence of your completed CPD.


Professional members who do not meet their CPD obligations may be re-graded to Affiliate membership. Regrading considerations of that type are made on a case-by-case basis. A review panel will enable non-compliant members to be reviewed by other HR professionals sensitive to the needs of practising professional members. An appeal process will be available to members in the event that AHRI determines they have not met their CPD obligations.

Non-Compliance: Certified HR Practitioners

Certified Practitioners (CPHR and FCPHR) may lose their certified status in the instance that they do not meet the CPD requirements for their membership level.

NB: Evidence of CPD completed during periods of lapsed membership may be requested in instances where a Certified Practitioners (CPHR or FCPHR) applies to be re-admitted.

We therefore recommend that all Certified Practitioners:

  • Keep a private record of CPD
  • Ensure that their AHRI CPD record is kept up to date via the member profile
  • Ensure their membership is current
  • Contact AHRI if they have any absences from the profession rather than letting their memberships lapse.


Contact AHRI Member Career Support on +61 3 9918 9230 or email us.


I've attended an AHRI event or course. How long will it take for the CPD points to be applied to my record?

Please allow up to 8 weeks for the points to appear in your CPD record.

I'm participating in AHRI's mentoring program. Will AHRI update my CPD record?

Participants in AHRI's mentoring program will need to update their own CPD records. This is because each mentoring relationship will vary in terms of actual contact hours. You may wish to keep a log of contact hours with your mentee/mentor and add these hours to your record each month.

How often should I update my CPD record?

AHRI recommends that you update your CPD record on a monthly basis, but you may choose to update your record more regularly.


Professional members receive free professional indemnity insurance as part of their membership.

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