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Providing of testimonials or reviews

AHRI provides a broad range of member services and benefits, which include events and conferences, professional development, the AHRI Awards and more. Your feedback on the experience you’ve had utilising these services is essential to AHRI in order to improve in the future, but also to provide other AHRI members with a point of peer reference. Your testimonial can be used as part of marketing and communications activity for any of AHRI’s products and services.

Skills and experience required


Time commitment

Correspondence via email or phone to provide a testimonial about your experience.

How to apply

To express your interest in providing a testimonial or review, contact Marketing Manager Laura Kroll via email. In your email, specify your name, AHRI member number (if available), title and organisation. If you have a testimonial or review available already, please provide this in the email, with consent for the usage by AHRI of the testimonial. If that’s not the case, you will be added to the volunteering database and will be contacted when an opportunity arises.



Professional members receive free professional indemnity insurance as part of their membership.

Did you know...

That AHRI represents around 20,000 HR professionals from Australia and around the globe?

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