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Offer a placement in the AHRI Work Experience program

AHRI Organisation members are invited to participate in hosting an up and coming HR superstar in the first official AHRI Work Experience Placement Program.


Following on from the successful ‘Get Your Big Break’ competition in 2015, this program has emerged to meet the needs of AHRI Students in kickstarting their HR career. The program has already garnered immense interest from the graduates of tomorrow and AHRI Organisation Members ave the opportunity to contribute to the HR profession in helping to give students the experience they crave. In turn, AHRI will ensure you are matched with a passionate candidate who will bring enthusiasm and value to your organisation.

Offering a placement for an AHRI student member will allow you to connect with a pool of potential talent for the future. Not only will the student be benefitting from your knowledge and experience, they may bring with them some cutting edge HR ideas from their current studies. Organisations who offer to host a student placement will have their company logo and link listed both on the AHRI student webpage as a host and also on the organisation membership page. Other benefits include qualifying for CPD hours to any AHRI staff member involved in the student's placement for their contribution to the HR profession, and a certificate of appreciation to the organisation.


The commitment requested from participating hosts is for a work experience placement which will allow AHRI student members to grow, learn and put what they have learnt in the classroom into practice. Placement will be a minimum of 1 week full time but no longer than 2 weeks and will be negotiated between the successful candidate and the placement host.

A handbook and information guide will be provided to all participating organisations to ensure that the experience is positive for both the candidate and hosts and you will be connected with the AHRI national office for any issue or questions that arise.


Visit the Work Experience Placement Program page on the website for more information about organisation eligibility and how to apply.


Professional members receive free professional indemnity insurance as part of their membership.

Did you know...

That AHRI represents around 20,000 HR professionals from Australia and around the globe?

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