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AHRI Awards: The Mark of Excellence


  • Hear tips from past judges and watch the 2019 AHRI Awards Information Webinar
  • Many applications are received in each award so ensure you are clear and concise in your submission. Clearly identify your key points and use bullet lists and sub-headings where relevant.
  • Address ALL of the criteria for the award – not just those you feel are most applicable to you or that you are able to demonstrate more easily. Failure to address criteria will possibly result in your submission not being selected as a finalist. Each submission is rated and assessed against the award criteria.
  • Have someone else in your team or outside of your team (eg. marketing) read through your submission prior to submitting. Ask them to check for errors, omissions, clarity and overall presentation. If they have issues with the submission or it is not clear to them what the initiative is, chances are it will not be clear to the judging panel members.
  • Try to avoid industry-specific language that the judging panel may not necessarily understand.
  • Don’t exceed the word limit. The judging members have many submissions to read through and it will increase the risk of your submission not being read in its entirety.
  • Review some of the previous Winning Case Studies to compare with your entry.



  • Clearly define the challenge, initiative and outcomes in the submission. Focus where possible on a single initiative or a consolidated strategy, rather than drawing from a variety of different initiatives.
  • Examples should flow through the application and clearly address the challenge(s) and contribute to the outcomes.
  • The submission should include clear time frames for the initiative – eg. when the initiative was developed and implemented, how many cycles or reporting periods it has been in place, etc.
  • Include impact and outcomes across time periods to show improvements generated by the initiative.
  • Statistics and data – inserting small graphs or snippets of data into the submission will not be included in the word count of your submission and is a great way to show the judges the impact that your initiative has made. Measurable data is encouraged wherever possible.
  • Consider what makes your initiative unique or stand-out. What is innovative and unique about the challenge and the way you have addressed it?
  • Your initiative/program does not necessarily need to be complete and may be in fairly early stages of its progress. But, you do need to identify the initial issue being addressed and be able to show or demonstrate deliverables to-date. Do not apply too early for an award if you do not have ‘runs on the board’ as yet.


  • Judges are assessing the individual and their own achievements. Ensure that you focus on the individual and the impact that this person has made.
  • Provide written examples of how each of the criteria has been demonstrated. For example, if the criteria is about leadership, simply stating that you are a leader of the organisation is not sufficient. How are you a leader of the organisation? Provide an example of how you demonstrate this.
  • What makes you unique or stand out from the crowd? Ensure you highlight these traits in the submission.

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