AHRI Awards: The Mark of Excellence


Michael Kirby LGBTIQ Inclusion Award


Australian Taxation Office

When launchingĀ the ATO'sĀ first Diversity and Inclusion Plan which incorporated LGBTI as a priority diversity group for the first time, we planned to overcome many unique challenges:

  • promoting LGBTI visibility to approximately 18,000 employees
  • engaging 24 offices dispersed across Australia
  • existing policies and processes not adequately supporting LGBTI staff.

We established our very first LGBTI employee network to:

  • drive the cultural shift for our organisation and the Australian Public Service
  • deliver a sustainable LGBTI diversity program
  • engage with the wider workforce in identifying problems and shaping change decisions
  • lead initiatives to support gender diversity and same-sex attracted women

By successfully connecting to business objectives and the needs of employees, our network has driven cultural change across our organisation and the Australian Public Service. With over 2,100 members, our network actively builds an environment where everyone can bring their authentic whole self to work.