AHRI Awards: The Mark of Excellence


Dame Quentin Bryce Gender Equity Award


Frasers Property Australia

The motivation behind the Frasers Property Australia (FPA) 'Best of Us' initiative has been twofold:

  1. To improve the day-to-day experience of working at FPA for women; for our culture to be more inclusive and equitable and one which supports working women to be the best version of themselves, and
  2. To increase the representation of women in roles of impact and leadership.

A series of culture initiatives and programs have been put in place. These have included policy development, education and training of staff, especially leaders and the implementation of targets and measures to track these. Our approach has been inclusive, engaged our employees and has included the work being done by the Property Male Champions of Change, of which our CEO is a member.

In February 2019, we achieved WGEA citation as an Employer of Choice for Women. This citation recognises that we have implemented a series of workplace initiatives, policies and practices that have improved the workplace culture to one that is inclusive equitable for women. We have seen our WGEA Manager categories increase in female participation from 23% in 2014/2015 to 35% in 2018/2019.