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Marshall Goldsmith Talent Management Award

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Department for Education (SA)

Quality leadership is second only to the impact of teachers on student learning outcomes. (Hattie, 2009; Robinson, Lloyd, & Rowe 2008; Centre for Educational Statistics and Evaluation, 2015). Department data indicates that over the next 5 years 47% of currently appointed Principals and Preschool Directors will reach retirement age. Developing quality leaders is a Department priority.

The Future Leaders Initiative is a system-wide process that has been designed specifically for the identification of leadership potential and capability, and facilitates a targeted development focus for emerging leaders, with the purpose of fast tracking preparation to meet the system’s leadership requirements.

The Department’s aspiration is to build a world class education system. The Future Leaders Initiative is recognised as an objective and rigorous process which is able to underpin discussions on leadership development and deployment, and has been effective in shifting the appetite and mindset for system-wide talent management programs.