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Wayne Cascio Organisational Development Award

Award Partner
Award Partner

Wyndham City Council

The City of Wyndham is the 3rd fastest growing City in Australia, forecast to grow by 240,000 residents by 2041. A traditional Local Government Authority (LGA) organisational model could in no way meet the emerging needs of our diverse and rapidly growing community. A new organisation model was required.

To meet a 25 year Vision for Wyndham, our CEO Kelly Grigsby partnered with over 1500 staff to lead a transformational redesign of the organisation to a contemporary model with the agility, focus and cohesion to deliver for our customers. This organisational transformation was branded Our Wyndham, Towards 2040 (‘Towards2040’).

The organisation was completely transformed, with success measured by:

  • staff engagement/feedback
  • community engagement/feedback
  • new Directorates aligned to our 25 year city Vision
  • the elevation of the HR function
  • new and redesigned roles and reporting lines
  • identification of missing functions
  • new ways of working together
  • better uses of working spaces and technology