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Sir Ken Robinson Innovation and Creativity Award

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Award Partner

Royal Australian Navy (Innovation)

The Chief of Navy set out to create a culture of innovation to achieve widespread innovation that would support the Navy mission to ‘fight and win at sea’. This required the challenging of norms, critical thought and agility in problem solving. Simply, this required Navy to ‘challenge and innovate’, a signature Navy behaviour.

By purchasing 3D printers for use on ships, linked to a Centre for Innovation and Unit Innovation Co-ordinators, each unit could develop their own innovation programme.  With guidelines provided and embedded by local Commanders, the printers became the catalyst and focal point for creating the physical momentum for innovation.   

From the original four printers, eight more have now been allocated to ships, with an enterprise additive manufacturing initiative being implemented.  75 innovations have been implemented, with some published for broader awareness across Navy, some benefiting wider Navy capability. Every idea forwarded to Navy Innovation is tracked and recorded.