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Elizabeth Broderick Workforce Flexibility Award

Award Partner
Award Partner

Frasers Property Australia

We are committed to creating a great workplace culture. The motivation behind this initiative was to normalise flexible work practices for both men and women, while improving trust and employee satisfaction in the workplace.

All Roles Flex @FPA included:

  • Consultation with key stakeholder, namely our leaders, employees and Gender Equity Council
  • Leader Education to build understanding and skills
  • CEO Support and visibility in promoting the approach
  • Senior leader KPIs were set to role model
  • Technology and work place design
  • Incorporated into culture planning and HR business partnering
  • Sharing details of our flexible work options as part of our attraction and retention mechanisms
  • Normalising flexible work with continued visible role modelling by senior leaders

Our employees and their managers have continued to embrace flexible work and this has resulted in improved trust and satisfaction as measured in our staff surveys. The conversation is no longer about “if and why should I facilitate flexible work”. Leaders are now asking, “how can I best manage flexible work arrangements?”