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The AHRI Awards recognise the best HR practitioners, organisations and leaders paving the way for business best-practice. The Awards are judged by prominent HR and business leaders - Winning one is the pinnacle of HR and business excellence. 

For 24 years, the AHRI Awards program has recognised the best HR practices in many different forms that encompass creativity, passion and the ability to make a difference. Awards include diversity and inclusion, innovation and creativity, disability employment, gender equality, HR technology and more.

AHRI Awards Celebration 2021

At this years AHRI Awards Celebration we come together to celebrate the finalists on their achievements, connect with like-minded people and business leaders and build a community of individuals who celebrate each others success.

AHRI Awards Celebration will be open to the broader community to join in an important celebration of our achievements as an industry and an opportunity to celebrate the HR profession.



Why AHRI Awards?

What does recognition at the AHRI Awards mean for applicants?

  • Recognition as an Australian leader in HR and business practice, and of your innovation and success
  • Demonstration of HR values and contributions to the wider business
  • Enhanced employer branding and employee engagement
  • Improved focus on the strategic value of HR and how it measurably impacts on business performance
  • Celebration of professional excellence at the Awards Dinner
  • Opportunity to display the AHRI Awards trophy
  • Exclusive use of finalist and winner logos for building and promoting your brand
  • If you win, you may also have the opportunity to share your story nationally through AHRI publications and the broader media.



Shane Cox - AHRI Awards Winner

"This is a great opportunity for me, and to highlight what we do - the more people that know what we're doing, the more people might come on board, and it's only great from here."
- Shane Cox, HR Diversity Champion Award Winner 2018

Cassie Alexander - AHRI Awards Winner

"The Age Diversity award signals to us that what we’re doing… is really strong. It also gives recognition to the work HR is doing to support this program."
- Cassie Alexander, Department of Finance (Federal Government), Susan Ryan Age Diversity Award Winner 2018


Below are the frequently asked questions associated with the Awards, as well as some common questions. If you have any other questions please contact the Awards team at: [email protected] 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 'application' and the 'submission'?

Think of the application like nominating, where you select the award/s that you wish to apply for and make your commitment to the process through payment. Once payment is received you will receive the submission pack/s which will have further information on the submission process. The submission is the 'work part' where you will be asked to address the criteria and provide supporting evidence.

Can I nominate a person or organisation for the AHRI Awards?

Yes, you can. The process to nominate an individual or organisation for the AHRI Awards is the same as applying yourself. When applying, simply select which award you would like to nominate someone for, login or create an AHRI profile for the person or organisation you are nominating, and update their details within the application form. Just be sure that you notify them beforehand so they can expect the confirmation details via email. You will also need to make payment for the application at this point.  

Who will judge the awards?

Shortlisting panels comprise of representatives from AHRI member committees, leading industry practitioners, academics, award partners and patrons.


Is the word count and supporting evidence word/page limit strict?

Yes. Any text exceeding the word count may not be viewed by the judging panels. The supporting evidence is strictly five (5) A4 single sided pages with an option to include an additional video link. Anything over this may not be viewed by the judging panels.

When will I find out the outcome of my application?

The contact person for the application will be notified of the outcome of their submission, on (or before) the day of finalists being announced on the AHRI website and through the ‘What’s on at AHRI' enewsletter. (approx late Sept)

I am a product and/or service provider and would like for the product and/or services which I provide to external organisations to be recognised. Can I apply for an award?

The AHRI Awards are primarily focused on HR-related activities and initiatives conducted within an organisation. In this instance service providers can recommend to any client organisations that they apply for appropriate awards with the support of the service providers and focus on how this has impacted their business.

We have entered the AHRI Awards previously. Are we eligible this year?

Yes, however we do suggest that you take on board the feedback provided from previous applications and provide any changes/ developments that have occurred since any previous application to show progress of initiative.

Are the AHRI Awards open to non-members?

Yes. In most instances both AHRI members and non-members are able to apply for an AHRI Award.  AHRI members receive a discount for each award applied for.

Can you apply for more than one award?

Yes. You can apply for as many awards as you choose.  Please check with the criteria for each award to ensure that you can meet or exceed the required criteria.

Where will finalists be announced?

Finalists will be announced via the AHRI website, AHRI's eNewsletter ‘What’s on at AHRI’ and HRM magazine (late Sept/early October)

Are submissions confidential?

All submissions are confidential, with the exception of the overview sections.  Only information in the Overview section of an application can be made public, should the submission be names as a finalist. All other sections, including evidence is only made available to the AHRI Awards team and judges. All judges sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any judging materials.  

Our organisation is based overseas – are we eligible to apply for an AHRI Award?

The judging process for the AHRI Awards is based on the Australian business climate, therefore our judging panel would be unable to properly assess the application. Eligible organisations must have an Australia-based operation to apply.  Refer to the AHRI Awards terms and conditions

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