Individual Awards

AHRI Awards 2023 Submission Guidelines

Organisation Awards Background

The following information will assist you in completing your submission for an Individual Award category. 

These awards for individuals recognise outstanding HR and DEI professionals and the contribution they have made to their organisation and the profession. Please check the table below to confirm your eligibility for the award applied for. 

Categories and eligibility


HR Leader of the Year


Recognising the most senior HR or people function leader in an organisation who demonstrates active leadership by achieving positive, sustainable outcomes for their organisation and the profession through outstanding capability and behaviours.


  • Current AHRI Member.
  • Holds most senior HR/people function role in their organisation. 


HR Professional of the Year


Recognising generalist or specialist HR professionals who can demonstrate valuable contribution to their organisation and the profession through outstanding capability and behaviours delivering positive and sustainable impacts. 


  • Current AHRI Member.
  • 5 or more years’ experience in an HR/people function role. 


Future HR Leader of the Year


Recognising HR professionals in the early stages of their career who are actively demonstrating their potential as future HR leaders and using their initiative to achieve positive impacts for their organisation and in their career. 


  • Current AHRI Member.
  • Up to 5 years’ experience in an HR role.
  • Application is supported by their organisation.


CEO DEI Champion of the Year


Recognising organisation leaders who actively lead safe cultures and ensure DEI is a priority, demonstrating commitment to DEI in their organisation’s workforce, and ensuring all employees can feel a sense of belonging and achievement at work.


  • Holds most senior role in their organisation i.e., CEO, Managing Director etc.


HR DEI Champion of the Year


Recognising HR or DEI professionals who help create safe cultures and prioritise DEI in their organisation, demonstrating commitment to DEI in their organisation’s workforce, and ensuring all employees can feel a sense of belonging and achievement at work. 


  • Current AHRI Member.
  • Holds an HR or DEI role in their organisation.

The next stage in the application process is to complete your online submission. This process will include:

  • contact details and information relating to the applicant,
  • written statements regarding how the applicant meets the criteria for the award, and
  • uploading of evidence and referee contacts to support the submission.

Contact details and information

In completing the submission, you will be asked for the following information: 

  • Application name (Applicant’s first and last name)
  • Contact name for the submission (may be the same as the Application name)
  • AHRI Membership number to confirm current membership of the applicant (this does not apply the CEO DEI Champion)
  • Contact details (phone & email) for the submission
  • Position title and organisation of applicant
  • Demographic information regarding the organisation, sector, location etc. which allow applicants to be assessed in context to the environment within which they operate
  • Additional information regarding eligibility for award:
    • HR Leader – are you the most senior HR/People leader in the organisation?
    • HR Professional/Future HR Leader – how many years you have worked in HR?
    • CEO DEI – do you hold the most senior role in the organisation?

Submission statements

You will then be asked to write a brief statement (100 words MAX) introducing the applicant and summarising why they should be considered for this award. 

You will then be asked to write a statement (200-500 words) addressing how the applicant meets each of the criteria for the award. 

Submission tips:

  • Submission statements should be written in the third person (he/she/they/name)
  • Statements should be specific and linked to actions, achievements, and outcomes supported by attached evidence where appropriate (see Evidence and Referee section below)
  • Judging panels will be looking for applicants who have delivered value outside of the ordinary so include examples of where the applicant has gone above and beyond the expected
  • Panels rate submission statements based on whether the applicant exceeds, meets, partially meets, or does not meet the criteria so ensure your statement clearly links the applicant’s performance to each criterion.   

Evidence and Referees

Each criterion should be supported by evidence (data, reports, referee statement etc) or a referee contact (internal or external) who is able to endorse and confirm the statement. 

Evidence can be uploaded to the Evidence tab (specifications and limitations) and should be:

  1. Referred to in the criterion statement
  2. Named with the applicant name/criterion addressed.

Referee contacts can be entered into the Referee tab. The following details will be required for each referee (max 5):

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Position
  • Organisation
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Relationship to applicant
  • Criterion to be addressed.

Future HR Leaders are required to include the contact details for the person from their organisation who is supporting their application in addition to a written statement uploaded as evidence. Please list this referee first in the table and enter SUPPORT PERSON in the final column. 

Please note, referees will be contacted only if required by the judging panel. 

Please ensure that your referees are consulted in advance and are willing to support the application.

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