Organisation Awards

Most Inclusive Workplace

Applications are now closed and finalists will be announced in November

Organisation Awards Background

Recognises exceptional organisations where diversity, equity, and inclusion are embedded into the way they do business, demonstrated through their culture of safety and respect for all employees.


Employee Voice

Employee Voice

How are employees engaged and empowered to participate in the co-creation and co-design of diversity, equity and inclusion solutions?

Culture Change Leader

Employee Belonging

What enables employees to feel safe and able to bring their full, unique self to work? How does the organisation promote inclusion and belonging, manage risk and create a safe environment for all employees?

Expert Practitioner

Inclusive Experience

Are the organisation’s DEI principles holistic? How do they flow through all aspects of the employment experience?

Organisational Enabler

Cultural Change

How has the organisation diagnosed the need for change and how is change enacted to ensure the culture of the organisation is inclusive?


How is the organisation’s approach to DEI prioritised. What has the organisation put in place to ensure continuous improvement and ongoing strategy, funding and delivery for DEI strategies and initiatives?

Business Strategist

Strategic and Leader Driven

What has the organisation done to engage active leaders who embrace diversity and inclusion? How is the organisation’s commitment and prioritisation of DEI demonstrated in the organisation and people strategies?

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