Organisation Awards

Best Employee Experience Strategy

Applications are now closed and finalists will be announced in November

Organisation Awards Background

Recognises exceptional organisations where optimising employee experience is a priority, demonstrated through a considered and intentional approach to employee interactions with technology, organisational culture, and the workplace, and evidenced through positive outcomes for the organisation.




How does the organisation apply and continuously improve technology to ensure employees have the tools they need to perform effectively and achieve outcomes?

Culture Change Leader


Are the organisation’s values aligned with organisational strategy and operations? How are the organisation’s values embedded in the employee lifecycle?

Expert Practitioner


Is the workplace environment fit for purpose? How is it optimised for employee safety, satisfaction and productivity?



What steps does the organisation take to ensure employee wellbeing is prioritised for all employees?



How does the organisation measure and evaluate employee experience and its impact and outcomes for the organisation?



What levels of employee satisfaction and positive employee experience are evidenced in the organisation? How is this demonstrated through ‘lived experience’ and real examples of employees?

Business Strategist

Leader Driven

Who has responsibility for employee experience in the organisation? Is this responsibility shared by leaders throughout the organisation?

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