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Workplace Relations


Over the period of their employment, individuals will have different needs requiring them to take leave from the organisation.  This topic covers the various leave types available to employees, the legal requirements relating to leave and how applications for leave should be handled. 

Managing Employee Behaviour

This topic provides an overview on bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment and how these should be handled including prevention of incidents occurring and the legal repercussions should an incident arise. 

Maintaining Employee Records

 This topic provides an overview of the responsibilities of employers to maintain the appropriate employee records. 

Managing ill and injured employees

When a worker is ill or injured, an array of different areas of law governs the employer's duties and responsibilities. This means there is no one method for managing ill or injured workers. The approach to each injury must be developed on the basis of its particular circumstances.  This section will provide you with information on how to effectively manage an ill or injured employee.

Workplace Health and Safety

An important employee relations area, Workplace Health and Safety covers legislation relating to an employee's safety in the workplace.  Beyond legislation this topic also includes the need for organisations to consider an employee's overall wellbeing and how an organisation can develop health and wellbeing programs to improve their employment brand.


When recruiting employees from countries other than Australia, there are a range of issues which need to be considered to ensure compliance with current immigration legislation.  This topic provides an overview on some of these issues and considerations.

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