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Is it time to look at your performance management processes?

“It's arguably the biggest shake-up that has affected the Human Resources sector in years. Performance management processes are coming under some heavy scrutiny, and the days of the traditional annual review may be numbered.”

Read the full article provided to you by Frontier Software to help determine if your performance management system needs reviewing.


Frontier Software was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. The objective of the founders was, and continues to be, to create a world-class integrated Human Resource and Payroll solution. That system, Comprehensive Human Resource Information Solution (CHRIS), supports best-practice Human Resource and Payroll processing for more than 1700 clients globally.

The system evolved into chris21, a solution that exceeded user expectations in all areas of Payroll, Human Resources and Talent Management. chris21 is known to be flexible and scalable, with client workforce numbers ranging between 100 and 65,000 employees.

More recently Frontier Software is excited to present their new solution – ichris – to the market. ichris is enhancing  the functionality of chris21 with a new intuitive user interface, new features and is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.  ichris is built for mobile and will revolutionise the way we do HR and Payroll.
Frontier Software’s 300+ employees are focused on the development and delivery of their market leading solutions. This approach allows for a practised focus which is evident in their software solution and selection of deployment models.

While the company has grown significantly since inception, its corporate headquarters remain in Melbourne, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth as well as New Zealand, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and the UK.

Ph: 1300 376 684