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AHRI's Practising Certification Program: Information webinar replay

Getting HR Certified is more than adding a post-nominal to your name: it distinguishes HR professionals who are practising effective and business-savvy HR, and can bring their HR expertise to the role of true partner to the business.

AHRI has "set the bar" for the HR profession in Australia by clearly defining what good HR is through professional certification. The AHRI Practising Certification (APC) Program is designed to equip HR professionals with essential pre-requisites for advanced strategic HR management and help you apply HR thought leadership and insight to foster a productive workplace culture.

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CIPD’s Peter Cheese shares how more and more employers are now seeking HR Certified Practitioners – those that have dedicated themselves to the life-long learning approach to human capital management.

Achieve the industry standard for the HR profession, demonstrate your impact in the workplace on key business objectives and take your career to the next level. Start now with APC Information Video.