Individual Membership

Individual annual membership fees are due in full on joining AHRI or on anniversary of joining (unless Direct Debit arrangements are in place). The following terms and conditions apply to AHRI membership products and services.

AHRI constitution, code of ethics and by-laws
All members are bound by the AHRI constitution, the code of ethics and professional conduct, and all by-laws, notices and directives of AHRI.

Failure to accept terms and conditions of membership
AHRI members are required to indicate their acceptance of all terms and conditions of membership. New applications and renewals will not be processed until confirmation is received.

Direct Debit
Click here to download full Direct Debit terms and conditions.

Failure to pay
AHRI membership fees are due annually from the date and month in which the member joined AHRI (unless Direct Debit arrangements are in place). If a member does not pay their membership fees, they will cease to be an AHRI member and be removed from the AHRI active member database.

Failure to pay will result in membership becoming non-financial from the first day of the month following the individual's renewal date. Membership benefits will be restricted for all non-financial members. Non-financial professional members are not covered by the AHRI ProCover Insurance policy. Membership will officially lapse two months after the renewal due date. If an individual's membership does lapse that individual must not use any AHRI professional designation after their name or claim to be a member of AHRI.

Membership Reinstatement
Non Certified members may be reinstated at their previous membership level up to two years following their lapsing from AHRI. CPHR and FCPHR members will need to have their membership reinstatement evaluated for approval.  CAHRI level members whose membership fees are more than two months overdue will become non-members and will need to reapply for membership at a different level (for example, MAHRI).

Cancellation/refund policy
AHRI does not provide refunds on membership fees.

Members on Direct Debit arrangements are required to commit to 12 months of membership payments and may not resign their membership prior to the 12 month period.

Transfer of membership
AHRI memberships are individual and non-transferable. The only exception is for memberships held under an Organisation Membership account. These memberships belong to the organisation, so they may transfer from one employee to another as required. 

Costs incurred by AHRI in processing membership fees
All unexpected costs incurred by AHRI in the processing of membership fees will be charged back to the member. Such costs include, but are not limited to, bounced cheques fees and related bank charges.

Organisation membership
Upon receipt of a signed organisation membership application, a signed member statement if renewing, or email confirmation that you wish to renew your existing membership, your organisation will be invoiced. Once the invoice has been issued, organisation membership is non-refundable and no further memberships can be removed or added on that invoice.  Should there be any changes within your organisation, you can at any time transfer memberships from one staff member to another. Organisation membership will only be invoiced to the organisation. AHRI is unable to issue your staff members with individual invoices under this membership category.

CPD – Continuing Professional Development In order to maintain membership at a professional level (GAHRI, MAHRI, CAHRI and FAHRI) members and certified members (CPHR and FCPHR) are required to comply with AHRI's CPD policy. AHRI conducts annual audits of a random selection of members to check compliance with the CPD requirements. Members who have not maintained the minimum number of CPD hours may be regraded to the level of affiliate member.

Upgrading membership 
Members may apply to upgrade their membership by completing the relevant upgrade form and paying a non-refundable upgrade assessment fee of $60.50. The relevant supporting documents must be provided as evidence of the member's eligibility for the membership level they are applying to upgrade to. Linked members who are invoiced under an organisation membership do not need to pay the $60.50 upgrade fee. Student members upgrading to Graduate or Professional Member (MAHRI) do not need to pay the upgrade assessment fee, but will be required to pay the relevant Graduate or MAHRI yearly membership fee in order to upgrade.

If you are upgrading your membership at the time of your membership renewal, then no upgrade fee will be applied however you will be required to pay for the next 12 months of membership at the new upgraded member level rate.

Further information
View the AHRI constitution, code of conduct and by-laws.