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Moving to Australia: Your guide to a successful migration

As a skilled migrant with HR skills and expertise, you want to know that your move to Australia is full of potential and new possibilities.
AHRI can help you find the information and resources you need to make sure that the process is seamless.

Once your skills are positively assessed by VETASSESS, and the Department of Home Affairs has granted your skilled visa, AHRI can support you on your journey by taking your capabilities to the next level. AHRI membership can open new doors to professional fulfilment and career advancement.

AHRI has over 20,000 members across Australia and overseas and is a trusted partner for your career. 

Step 1: Understanding visa options 

For visa-related requirements including caveats that may apply for certain occupations, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.  

Step 2: Make an application for skills assessment to VETASSESS 

VETASSESS is Australia’s largest skills assessment provider authorised by the Australian Government. VETASSESS will assess your skills and qualifications to ensure that they meet Australian standards. 

To learn more about HR professional assessment criteria, search for the following occupations using the ANZSCO code on the VETASSESS website: 

  • ANZSCO Code 223111 – Human Resource Adviser 
  • ANZSCO Code 223112 – Recruitment Consultant 
  • ANZSCO Code 223113 – Workplace Relations Adviser 

VETASSESS Skills Assessment considers the relevance of qualifications, and employment to your nominated occupation.  

More information

Are you applying for a 485 visa?

Only a qualification/s assessment is required for 485 visa purposes. The qualification/s assessment assesses the general educational level of the qualification in Australian terms and the relevance of the major area of study. 

Are you applying for permanent residency?

An assessment of both qualification/s and employment is required for permanent residency purposes. Employment assessment involves determining whether your work experience (obtained either in Australia or overseas) is at an appropriate skill level and relevant to your nominated occupation. 

A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a successful skills assessment for migration purposes. 

Step 3: Your VETASSESS application result  

Once your skills assessment application is complete and successful, you will be able to view and download your skills assessment outcome letter from the VETASSESS online portal.  

Unsuccessful applicants will need to contact VETASSESS directly for further options. 

Step 4: Join the AHRI community by becoming an AHRI member 

As a member, you gain access to the knowledge, activities and networks that will guide your career at every stage. AHRI provides support from student level to retirement, and all the places of achievement, leadership and contribution that lie between.  

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