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AHRI Awards 2024 Submission Guidelines

The following information will assist you in completing your submission. 

AHRI’s flagship scholarship recognises an individual committed to growing the HR body of knowledge and contributing to a better understanding of HR’s contribution and value. Applicants will submit a proposal outlining their study aim and the activities they will undertake to achieve it. 

This scholarship is open to HR professionals who hold an AHRI membership and are employed in an HR role in Australia. 

The AHRI Scholarship will be awarded to one (1) individual who will be awarded funding up to AUD15,000 to support study or development activities within one (1) calendar year to achieve their development aim. At the completion of their study, the scholarship winner will be invited to present their findings to AHRI through appropriate agreed channels. 

The next stage in the application process is to complete your online submission. This process will include:

  • contact details and information relating to the applicant,
  • a brief written proposal or pitch for the proposed study or development.

Contact details and information

In completing the submission, you will be asked for the following information: 

  • Application name (Applicant’s first and last name)
  • Contact name for the submission (may be the same as the Application name)
  • AHRI Membership number to confirm current membership of the applicant
  • Contact details (phone & email) for the submission
  • Position title and organisation of applicant

Demographic information regarding the organisation, sector, location etc. which allow applicants to be assessed in context to the environment in which they operate.

Submission statements

You will then be asked to write a brief statement (100 words MAX) introducing the applicant and summarising why they should be considered for this scholarship. 

Applicants will then be asked to answer the following questions in relation to their proposed study or development:

  • Name: What will your study be called?
  • Aim: What is the proposed aim of your study? What will its benefit be to the HR profession in Australia? (500 words MAX)
  • Method: What is the proposed method of achieving your study aim? What costs will be involved? (500 words MAX)
  • Timeframe: What is the proposed timeframe for this study, including the reporting of outcomes? (500 words MAX)
  • Output: What is the anticipated output and outcomes of this study? How will the outcomes be shared with AHRI and the Australian HR Community? (500 words MAX)

Please note, judges assessing submissions will be looking for the following:

  • A significant and relevant study aim
  • A considered and realistic method and timeframe
  • A commitment to carrying out the course of study to completion and delivering outcomes.

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