Organisation Awards

Best Attraction, Recruitment & Retention Strategy 

Applications open until Friday 14 June

Recognises initiatives or strategies which contribute to the attraction, recruitment and retention of people to meet the current and future objectives of the organisation.


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Strategic and Leader Driven

How was the strategy/initiative actively supported by the board and/or senior leadership team and how does it align with desired business outcomes and strategy?

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How were employees and/or stakeholders engaged and empowered to contribute to the design, development, implementation and review of the strategy/initiative and how did the organisation ensure appropriate viewpoints were considered and included?

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Employee Belonging

What measures are in place to manage risk and prioritise safety and how does the initiative/strategy contribute to employees sense of belonging within the organisation?

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In what ways does the initiative/strategy represent a new and creative approach to the challenge faced or goal set? Innovation may be represented by an approach which is new to the org size, sector, location, industry or a completed new approach not undertaken before.

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Achieves outcomes

How has the initiative/strategy achieved the desired outcomes identified by the organisation? Please provide quantitative or tangible evidence of these outcomes.



How has the initiative/strategy successfully addressed the initial challenge faced/goal set and what positive impacts have their been for employees?



In what ways are these impacts and outcomes sustainable and replicable for the organisation and how can they be shared or implemented by other areas of the organisation, sector or industry. How will the impacts and outcomes be evaluated and assessed for continuous improvement?

Sample Award Application

Please note this document is not an application form, it is an indication of the information required to provide when applying for this award 


An application fee is payable for each Organisational Award category entered, charged at $220 for AHRI members or $755 for non-members.

AHRI Award Patrons

Martin Seligman

Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman is the Director of the Penn Positive Psychology Center and Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology…

Graeme Innes

Graeme Innes AM is a lawyer, author, and company director. He is the Chancellor of CQUniversity, and a member of the boards… 

Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth is Principal of EB&Co. a specialist consultancy focusing on high-level strategic consulting and transformation…

Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby

Michael Kirby was first appointed to judicial office in 1975. He successively served on the Arbitration Commission…

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Applications open until Friday 14 June

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