Individual Awards

DEI Champion of the Year

Applications open until Friday 14 June

Recognising HR or Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) professionals who help create safe cultures and prioritise DEI in their organisation, demonstrating commitment to DEI in their organisation’s workforce, and ensuring all employees can feel a sense of belonging and achievement at work.


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How does the nominee demonstrate active and intentional leadership in DEI matters?



How as the nominee influenced and enacted change and initiatives resulting in significant and sustainable DEI outcomes.

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Networks and Relationships

How well does the nominee develop and invest in valuable networks and relationships with internal stakeholders and contributors?

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How does the nominee empower employees to bring their ‘whole’ selves to work? What do they do to encourage employees in co-creation of DEI solutions?

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Credible Advocate

How does the nominee personally advocate in DEI matters and what do they do to employer others to bring about change within and beyond their organisation?

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How does the nominee contribute to achieving a safe workplace culture which allows respect and a sense of belonging for all employees?


Applicant must be a current AHRI member and hold an HR or DEI role in their organisation.


An application fee is payable for each Individual Award category entered, charged at $110

Applications open until Friday 14 June

Finalists Announced

Finalists will
be announced in October

Winners will be announced

Winners will be announced 6 December

At our celebration event in Sydney

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