AHRI Practicing Certification Scholarship

Applications open until Friday 14 June

Recognises HR professionals who demonstrate potential for HR Leadership through submission of a piece of writing/verbal recording/recorded presentation on a topic relating to a workplace initiative they have undertaken and excellence in their HR career to date.


Registration into the AHRI practicing certification program

Up to four (4) AHRI Practicing Certification Scholarships will be awarded. The best application will also receive the Sandra Cormack Scholarship prize of $3,000


  • Current AHRI member
  • Currently employed in an HR role in Australia
  • Meets the criteria for enrolment in the APC Program


Either a written submission (1500 words max), or pre-recorded audio/video presentation (15 mins max) based on the following:

“Identify one capability from the Australian HR Framework that you aim to enhance. Describe how you plan to develop this capability in yourself and others, showcasing innovative and creative strategies that demonstrate your potential as a future HR leader.”

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