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HR Mentoring

Our member-to-member mentoring program

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Transform Your Career

Increase career satisfaction

Joining a mentoring program has shown to increase job satisfaction for both mentors and mentees alike.


This program nurtures constant learning for both parties. Creating a safe space for risk taking and making mistakes feeding into innovation and development.

Grow your industry network

Develop your networking skills and engage in networking opportunities to build career resilience with a diverse perspective no matter where you are in your career.

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Our program supports HR professionals to build good mentor mentee relationships through mutual trust, respect, and communication. It involves both parties meeting regularly to exchange ideas, discuss progress and set goals for further development. 

Join the AHRI Mentoring Community & Enhance your career

AHRI members are welcome to apply to be a part our evidence based mentoring program. For detailed entry requirements please visit the mentee or mentor page. Our matches are made to ensure the mentor has the expertise to effectively support the mentee at the current stage of their career.  


Our 8 month Mentoring Program runs between March and October. In this program you get access to training sessions, resources and monthly sessions with your mentor or mentee. 

To allow for the best matches, we have built our mentoring program to be able to be completed entirely virtually, or any variation that suits the pairing.

Matched mentees and mentors will receive invitations to register for program events. Throughout the process you will be invited to provide feedback about your experience. 

A 10 minute Introduction to the AHRI Mentoring program


Meet Sarah McCann-Bartlett, CEO at AHRI and the team at Art of Mentoring. Learn about the value of a mentoring program. As well as the ins and outs of the AHRI Mentoring Program.  

If you still have questions our membership team is here to help.



A minimum of one hour session a month with some time spent on preparation and follow-ups



Gain access to  training, resources and workshops. These would take up to half a day for our participants.



Complete program surveys throughout the program

Your time  is as valuable as your career


It’s time to develop your HR skills

what to expect

We will email you early 2024 with a link to complete your mentoring profile on the AHRI mentoring platform (powered by Art of Mentoring). The mentoring program is run through our partner Art of Mentoring. All your information is confidential and will solely be used for the purpose of matching you and during your participation in the program.

To get the best match you’ll be asked questions regarding your HR interests and preferences.

Participants notified of their matches

Let’s get started!

Get matched, learn, grow and share. Celebrate your wins

First step, decide you want more from your career, next REGISTER! 

Our program begins with the Program Launch Webinar, it is a required session for all participants to set expectations, answer questions and introduce the 2024 cohort to each other.

Before launch webinar

Prior to launch mentees and any first-time mentors will need to complete the Art of Mentoring online training module. The training module is your final step to be accepted into the AHRI Mentoring.

At the midway point mentors and mentees should be reviewing their progress and making any necessary adjustments. A video guide on best practice will be provided to support participants.

Mentors are invited to a mid-program workshop. The workshop offers insights and new perspectives on your mentoring journey and how to make the most of it with the support of our team.

Mentors and Mentees will have completed their final session prior to 31 October.

Setup your first mentoring session

Matches should schedule appointments as soon as possible following program launch to get into a good rhythm for the rest of the program.

During the program

During the program, mentors and mentees will be expected to be in contact at least once a month. The AHRI Program Manager will send regular emails to support all participants during the program, providing helpful tips and resources for mentors and mentees.

Interest piqued?

get the information you need to decide

If you need more information before you choose to register, our Member support team is here to help.

Great program, well-structured and resourced.
2022 AHRI Program Mentor
My mentor has depth of experience, and I am very fortunate to have a mentor who challenges me.
2022 AHRI Program Mentee
I feel a sense of giving back to the HR community and satisfaction in helping someone at the start of their HR career. Also improving my mentoring capability and my network.
2022 AHRI Program Mentee
I appreciated the opportunity to hear a different HR career perspective. My mentor has lots of experience in smaller private-sector organisations, whereas I am starting my HR career in a large public-sector organisation. This program has provided a holistic view of the roles and practices within practical HR work, complimemting my formal, theoretical development opportunities in HR.
2022 AHRI Program Mentee

Frequently asked questions

This program is for AHRI members (minimum type, graduate). You can become a member today, go to our Become a member page and completed the webform to find the right membership for you. Mentors must be AHRI Professional Members with 5+ years’ experience.

For Mentees it’s $242 inc. GST.
Mentors are volunteers and pay no fees.

Select the register now button for either mentor or mentee and follow the prompts.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirming your enrolment. Closer to the program commencement in 2024, you will receive an email with a link to complete your mentoring profile on the AHRI mentoring platform (powered by Art of Mentoring).

To create the best match, we use the information provided we base the match on experience, skills and what you both want to achieve from the program.

Due to the time commitment to participate fully we ask that participants choose to focus their participation on a single role each year.

Yes, mentors can opt to have up to two mentees. Mentors should carefully consider the time and commitment needed to mentor before opting to take on a second mentee.

If you are matched, you must attend the Program Launch webinar in March 2024. Mentees and first-time mentors must complete the Art of Mentoring online training module to be accepted into the program. This must be completed before the Program Launch to prepare for the program.

It will be up to each pair to establish their own timetables for their one-to-one meetings, which should take place at least monthly throughout the program.

Absolutely! Great mentee/mentor relationships are based first and foremost on trust. Your participation in the program is confidential and you will agree with your mentoring partner how you will handle confidentiality.

Mentees and Mentors receive 32 CPD points for completing the program. These points will automatically be applied to your membership profile at the completion of the program.

This is a relationship that is outside the manager – direct report relationship. If a mentee is employed at their mentor’s organisation, the pair will be reassigned to maintain the safe space provided by this relationship.

We at the Art of Mentoring have partnered with AHRI to build an invaluable mentoring program for Australia’s HR professionals. We’re confident you’ll find immense value from joining the program, to enhance your career.