About us

AHRI: Advancing HR practice to benefit people, workplaces and business

In 2020, AHRI commenced an organisation wide transformation program focused on improving member experience, digital systems and culture. AHRI’s board and management continue to work closely with the Council of State Presidents and their State Councils to ensure member needs are at the centre of the changes.

AHRI’s Postcard for the Future sets out the vision for AHRI:

  • AHRI is the custodian of HR standards and certification in Australia, and these are universally recognised and applied
  • AHRI is the key insights resource for the profession and uses its voice to advocate for and influence HR best practice
  • HR practitioners identify strongly with the AHRI community and aspire to be professional AHRI members
  • HR practitioners are essential in influencing, contributing and leading the achievement of strategic business and HR objectives
  • AHRI supports HR practitioners throughout their career journey
  • AHRI design is member and customer centric and digital first
  • AHRI has a sustainable business model and dynamic operating model