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AHRI Advisory Panels

AHRI's advisory panels are made up of industry experts and academics who specialise in a particular area.The purpose of the panels is to support the work of the AHRI Board and advise AHRI in the development of products, services, research, training and events.

Advisory Research Panel

The Advisory Research Panel (ARP) informs AHRI’s research agenda and IP development, and provides commentary on HR issues. The ARP is made up of leading Australian academics and industry leaders whose work has contributed to the shaping of Australian HR practices. The ARP informs the AHRI research agenda by suggesting key topics to be explored, providing input and advice on research methodology and the revisions of research proposals from external parties.

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Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Panel

The Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Panel (IDAP) provides AHRI with strategic and expert advice with respect to inclusion and diversity practice within organisations, including the tools and resources required, and the professional development of diversity professionals.

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HR Technology Advisory Panel

To assist in riding the wave of HR Technology and its changing and substantial impact on the practice of HR, AHRI is establishing a HR Technology expert reference panel, consisting of recognised thought leaders, expert consultants and leading HR practitioners who are influencers in this field of HR Technology and Management Systems, and/or external social media

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National Accreditation Committee

The National Accreditation Committee (NAC) reviews applications for course accreditation from tertiary and vocational education providers and provides commentary on the Australian education environment. Through the course accreditation process, AHRI seeks to influence ongoing Human Resources curriculum development. Any academic institution may apply to the Institute for accreditation of their academic programs. The NAC is designed to represent the various stakeholder groups including academia, industry and sector representatives, and AHRI state councils.

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National Certification Council

Made up of representatives from industry and academia, the National Certification Council (NCC) oversees the HR standards, administration and decision making that result in the credentialing of eligible candidates seeking HR certification. On successful completion of the four units of the AHRI Practising Certification Program (APC), candidates are eligible, at the discretion of the NCC, to be awarded HR certification and to use the CPHR and/or FCPHR post-nominal.

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Public Sector Advisory Panel

The Public Sector Advisory Panel (PSAP) provides AHRI with strategic and expert advice on the various layers of public sector organisations (i.e. Local, State and National Public Service Organisations), including the tools and resources required, and the professional development of public sector HR professionals.

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